Intellectual Property, a bridge between R&D and industry

  • Hybrid conference
  • 1 December 2022 from the National University of La Plata
  • 09.00 - 13.00 (Argentina time)

Buenos Aires, 18 November 2022. On 1 December next, AL-INVEST Green Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) organiza junto con la Universidad Nacional de La Plata y el Instituto Nacional de la Propiedad Industrial (INPI) de Argentina la conferencia híbrida “Intellectual Property, a bridge between R&D and industry“.

In today's knowledge-based economy, intellectual property (IP) assets play an increasingly important role, as they establish a necessary framework within which a complex variety of transactions take place.

AL-INVEST Green IPR seeks to contribute to an innovative, sustainable and competent productive sector in the management of its IP assets. To this end, the conference promotes the improvement of the capacities of the productive sector, as well as the scientific-academic, technological and agricultural sectors, in relation to the management of intellectual property rights in order to obtain greater value from innovation.

Specifically, the seminar has as its main objectives:

  • Increase knowledge on knowledge transfer management in the context of global challenges.
  • Enhance synergies between the CATI Argentina Network, other networks of the national innovation ecosystem, intellectual property offices and global actors (WIPO).
  • Lograr la participación y la adhesión de grupos de interés a la red “AL-INVEST Verde IP para la innovación”.