Newsletter - March 2023

The March e-bulletin highlights the presentation of the partnership projects promoted by Component 1, the programme's collaboration with the meat sector promoted by Component 2 and the launch of Component 3's IPR training portal.

Newsletter -April 2023

The April e-bulletin highlights the work with the forestry sector being promoted by Component 2, as well as the work on traceability for the meat sector. It also allows us to learn about the good practices in palm cultivation implemented in Guatemala, a country that has promoted traceability systems throughout the production cycle.

Newsletter - May 2023

El boletín electrónico de mayo destaca la presentación de los proyectos de partenariado promovidos por el  Componente 1 en Chile, el trabajo del Componente 2 en Colombia y Paraguay, así como el avance de América Latina y el Caribe hacia modelos más circulares. 

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