Component 2: Technical assistance to the public sector

Component 2 is responsible for promoting policies for the effective implementation of basic environmental and labour standards, through a sustainable trade and economic policy and regulatory frameworks, consistent with the commitments adopted and negotiated in the Trade and Association Agreements with the EU.

Component 2:
Technical assistance to the public sector

Spain through FIIAPP Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Públicas in consortium with IILA, Organización Internacional Ítalo-Latino Americana, have been commissioned to implement component 2 of AL INVEST Verde under the modality of delegated cooperation.

Million Euros

Technical Assistance

Sustainable development

Intervention Strategy

General Objective: Promote sustainable growth and job creation by supporting the transition to a low-carbon, resource-efficient and more circular economy in Latin America.

Objective 1: Support for the formulation and implementation of national public policies, regulatory frameworks and regulatory systems in Latin American countries for the promotion of sustainable value chains that respect labour rights, in line with the requirements of the trade and sustainable development chapters of the European Union’s trade agreements with Latin American countries

Objective 2: Promotion of regional policy dialogue to share best practices in sustainable economic development.


Under this pillar, activities will focus on supporting the formulation and implementation of new policies and legislation on sustainable development as developing a robust policy framework is the first step towards implementation and ownership of sustainable practices.


Strengthening institutions in charge of sustainable trade policies in partner countries is crucial. Activities implemented under this pillar will seek to enhance and build institutions capable of implementing, monitoring, and enforcing regulations. They will also focus on improving ministries and government technical agencies’ knowledge and capabilities to promote sustainable development.


This pillar supports exchanging ideas and coordination among local and national actors such as consumers, civil society, trade unions, the public, and private sectors. Doing so will foster the design and implementation of public policies and specific incentives for the private sector to apply sustainable practices.


This pillar promotes dialogue and exchange of good practices at the regional level. It also shares those similar, successful initiatives financed by the EU or other multilateral institutions in other regions or the world. Finally, it promotes a constructive dialogue between the public and private sectors.

Key points

On-demand program 


Mobilization of international public expertise (EU and LA)

Public assistance,study visits, working groups, workshops, courses, seminars, consultancies, etc.

Dialogue between different stakeholders

Gender mainstreaming

Agri-food value chains, traceability and protection of natural resources...

International and UE commitments (Free Trade Agreements, Green New Deal...)

Component 2
Implementing Consortium

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