Circular Economy Forum: A Commitment for Everyone

Santa Cruz, Bolivia, August 11, 2022.- To promote the AL-INVEST Verde programme and to open a space for the analysis and reflection on the importance of changing the development model and moving forward into a more circular economy, CAINCO along with the Fundación para el Reciclaje organized the 4th Edition of the Circular Economy Forum: A Commitment for Everyone, an event to exchange innovative experiences with high impact.

The circular economy is a production model that guarantees sustainable growth since is based on resource optimization, the reduction of raw materials consumption, and the efficient management of waste by recycling.

The attendees learned about the production processes of companies focused on the use of resources where the reduction, reuse, and recycling of elements prevail; Thus, products, components, and resources, in general, maintain their usefulness and value, substantially reducing waste, which contributes to not increasing environmental pollution.

The event was developed at CAINCO´s Convention Center in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.