Component 3: Intellectual property rights

Component 3 of the AL-INVEST Verde Programme, AL -INVEST Verde IPR, seeks to achieve an enhanced use and effectiveness of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in Latin America, particularly in the MERCOSUR countries. Its purpose is to expand and improve the use of IPRs to boost opportunities for research cooperation and stimulate competitiveness and sustainable innovation.

Component 3:
Intellectual property rights

Intellectual Property is an essential incentive for creativity and innovation. This includes green innovation, which makes it essential to promote biodiversity, sustainable food policy, the circular economy and in fighting pollution. Hence IP has a critical role in promoting the objectives of the European Green Deal (EGD). Furthermore, well-functioning IP systems -which provide the framework for transactions around creative and technological developments- are essential for the creation of industry alliances, which are critical to reach strategic objectives such as those enclosed in the EGD.

The 2,8 M project will last for three years, during which a team of seven located in Montevideo, Uruguay and Alicante will work in three main areas: 


Work towards Efficient and User-Friendly IPR Institutions,  strengthening the capacity of national and regional IP Institutions, in particular MERCOSUR countries, for more efficient and user-friendly IPR protection and enforcement systems.


Contribute to an Innovative, Sustainable and IPR-proficient Productive Sector, by improving the capacities of the productive sector, particularly SMEs and the scientific-academic, technological and agricultural sectors, regarding the management of IPRs (including GIs) to obtain value from innovation.


Build IPR networks and boost internationalisation by developing interinstitutional and transnational stakeholder networks to facilitate the adoption of best IP practices to promote innovation and artistic creation, and to align IP laws with international standards.

This action is implemented by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), an EU decentralised agency, specialised in intellectual property (IP).

EUIPO works both at the EU level and internationally, to make IP institutions and organisations more accessible and efficient.  In this endeavour, it has a privileged collaboration with the European Commission concerning IP external actions in various regions. The purpose is to improve IP Systems and develop collaborative networks around the world.

AL-INVEST PI is designed to be consistent with EU trade policy, focusing on keeping IP in line with an open and sustainable trade policy, to contribute to economic recovery by supporting green and digital transformations.

Component 3

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