#CONEXIÓNVerde Guatemala

The annual event of Component 1 took place in the city of Antigua and brought together the partnership projects, experts in sustainable agriculture, climate change, green and digital jobs, circular economy and waste management such as plastic, as well as members of the Delegation of the European Union in Guatemala. All of them met with a view to seeking opportunities that allow the generation of initiatives that impact the growth of SMEs in the region.

Uruguay - Certification of agro-exportable products from native forest land

AL-INVEST Verde/Componente 2, in collaboration with the Directorate General of Forestry (DGF) of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP) of Uruguay, supports the certification of agro-exportable products produced with sustainable management of native forests.

Workshop on "Due diligence for deforestation-free cocoa under the EUDR".

I workshop in the framework of the series "Dialogues on sustainable cocoa", organised by AL-INVEST Verde/Component 2, in collaboration with the SAFE programme of the German cooperation agency (GIZ) and with the technical support of the European Forest Institute (EFI).

Virtual workshop on "Plant Variety Licensing".

The objective of the workshop, organised in the framework of Component 3 for Intellectual Property Rights, was to broaden knowledge on the commercialisation of protected plant varieties, benefiting public institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises in Latin American countries.

Itinerant international seminar "Adding value to local crafts and products through intellectual property rights".

The event, organised in cooperation with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI) of Chile, addressed the importance of protecting artisanal products through intellectual property rights, mainly geographical indications. The seminar, implemented under Component 3 for intellectual property rights, brought together experts and practitioners in the field of crafts, intellectual property and sustainable development.

Workshop: Success Stories - Applicability of Intellectual Property for Sustainable Development

Component 3, led by EUIPO, organised the workshop "The Green Potential of Intellectual Property - Success Stories: Applicability of Property" together with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) of Brazil, during the Green Rio 2023 conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This workshop explored success stories that exemplify how Intellectual Property can be applied in the context of sustainable development.