The project focuses on developing a comprehensive service for MSMEs with a tailor-made plan, including certifications of sustainability standards, security and appropriate technology. The implementation of this project aims to benefit 500 small enterprises in Argentina. Further information

Sustenta-Vitis enhances the Argentine Wine promotion strategy through various initiatives associated with social, environmental and economic sustainability. Further information

ACELERA develops cooperation actions so that European companies, research institutes and innovation experts can provide solutions to the challenges identified for Argentinean SMEs. Further information


The BeeGreen project seeks to develop opportunities through the promotion of sustainable business digitalisation in the beekeeping value chain in Bolivia, with scalability and replicability to other agroforestry value chains (with emphasis on the coffee and cocoa sector). Further information.


The project is developed by the Associação Comercial e Industrial de Uberlândia and focuses on SMEs in the Mining Triangle increasing their sales and adopting more resource-efficient products, processes and services towards a circular economy model. Further information

The project's main objective is to promote and strengthen the circular economy, through capacity building, increasing knowledge and awareness of the challenges and opportunities of sustainability in Brazilian SMEs. Further information


The project aims to contribute to the sustainability of rural enterprises by promoting good agricultural practices. Further information.

The project promotes sustainable agricultural and livestock practices adapted to MSMEs and small producers' organisations. Further information

The project aims to strengthen knowledge and skills on circular economy, as well as to implement sustainable initiatives in MSMEs in Bogotá. Further information

The project supports the energy transition and the adoption of sustainable practices in the productive fabric of the Colombian Caribbean region. Further information


The project aims to provide and promote business sustainability actions through a comprehensive programme that supports MSMEs to improve their competitiveness. Further information


The project seeks to disseminate, promote, advise and implement good practices, techniques and sustainable technologies in processes and products in MSMEs and business organisations. Further information

The project seeks to strengthen and improve the linkage of MSMEs through the promotion and training of sustainable practices and circular economy. Further information

The objective of the Eco-accelerator project is to foster and develop business models that focus on reduce waste generated from e-commerce packaging. Further information


Ehe project focuses on contributing to the productive and competitive improvement of the sector and the strengthening of small producers through sustainable production schemes, in line with the "Farm to Fork" strategy. Further information.

The project aims to promote environmentally responsible production, consumption and integrated solid waste management in Ecuador based on the principles of the circular economy. Further information


The project aims for MSMEs to implement value chain development strategies and incorporate environmental sustainability, change mitigation and biodiversity restoration. More information. 


The project's main objective is to contribute to the sustainable growth and economic upgrading of the private sector of the coffee value chain. Further information.


The initiative Fantástico - Sustainability with Plastic is led by the Peruvian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Peru), together with the National Society of Industries (SNI), in the framework of the AL-INVEST Verde programme. More information. 

The project aims to enable industrial SMEs to implement the principles of circular economy, to promote the use of thesustainability and innovation in their processes to improve their competitiveness. Further information

The "Textile Innovation Accelerator" project aims to contribute to change and address existing challenges so that it can actively support the development of innovative solutions that promote a more sustainable and circular textile industry. Further information


It is a project implemented by the Chamber of Industries of Uruguay and co-implemented by the Uruguayan-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Its objective is to support MSMEs in the elaboration and implementation of a green growth plan, seeking to improve their competitiveness in an environmentally friendly way. Further information.


Led by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Ica, it seeks to generate value in the agricultural sector through the green transition in Peru and Bolivia, adopting products, processes and services that are friendly to the planet. Further information

The main objective of this project is to strengthen the capacities of small and medium-sized enterprises in the departments of Santander, La Guajira, Bolívar and Caldas in Colombia, as well as in Choloma, Honduras. Further information