Component 1 of the AL-INVEST Verde programme held its annual event in Lima.

Lima, 25 October 2023 - Component 1 of the European Union's AL-INVEST Verde programme is making progress in its objective of promoting job creation and sustainability in the Latin American region. This EU initiative presented its progress at its annual event, entitled #CONEXIÓNVerde, an initiative that took place in the framework of the 50th General Assembly of AICO (Ibero-American organisation that integrates and coordinates Chambers of Commerce and Industry, as well as related entities).

Through the programme, more than nine million euros have already been earmarked for the promotion of projects benefiting SMEs in the region, a figure that will increase as new projects are selected. The programme - through the implementation of its private sector support component (Component 1) - selected 24 projects out of 136 proposals received during its first call for proposals. In Peru, the host country of the event, four projects are being implemented focused on the transition to low-carbon, resource-efficient and more circular business models that will benefit 840 Peruvian SMEs.

The programme recently closed its Second Call for Proposals with 150 proposals received, which will be evaluated in order to announce the new projects to be financed and thus open up growth opportunities for the private sector in Latin America. 

The programme's annual event was organised by the Lima Chamber of Commerce together with sequa and brought together business leaders - many of them in charge of the projects under implementation -, experts in green regulation and sustainability, as well as members of the Delegation of the European Union in Peru with a view not only to discuss the progress of AL-INVEST Verde, but also to seek opportunities that will allow the development of initiatives that impact the growth of SMEs in the region. Throughout its implementation, the programme will provide training, technical assistance and trade promotion activities, networking and other actions to contribute to productivity and competitiveness.

The meeting opened on 23 October and focused on the Circular Economy and Sustainable Value Chains. Industry experts provided guidance on how companies can adopt eco-efficient policies and processes. It also included panel discussions and presentations with a particular focus on deforestation-free chains, plastic optimisation and the transition to more circular models.

About AL-INVEST Green

AL-INVEST Verde is a European Union programme whose main objective is to promote sustainable growth and job creation in Latin America by supporting the transition towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient and more circular economy. Through Component 1, the programme manages funds for the implementation of innovative projects of small business associations to promote sustainable practices in the private sector. Component 1 is led by sequa, a German non-profit organisation operating worldwide with the aim of promoting the private sector.

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