Dialogue on the forestry chain at the VII Italian-Latin American SME Forum

Bergamo, 09 October 2023. On 3 October, the dialogue "The sustainability of the timber chain in Latin America: opportunities for a growing sector and challenges of European export regulations" took place, organised within the framework of the VII Italy-Latin America SME Forum. The event, an initiative of the International Italo-Latin American Organisation (IILA), was held from 2 to 4 October in Bergamo (Italy).

With the aim of promoting regional dialogue between actors in the forest chain, in particular from the countries of the MERCOSURThe round table was attended by Gustavo Giménez, Vice-Minister of MSMEs of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Paraguay, and Walter Verri, Undersecretary of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay. Also present were representatives of the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Argentina, belonging to the Ministry of Economy; the Brazilian Forestry Service, under the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, and the Italian private sector.

During the dialogue, the importance of the sustainability as a tool for international tradeThe meeting was held in the context of the current redefinition of regulatory standards on sustainability, and good practices in public policies were exchanged. In particular, the strategic role of SMEs in the forestry chain and the challenges they face in the new European regulation on deforestation and forest degradation-free supply chains.

The governance of the timber sector, the inclusion of SMEs for the development of the sector, the role of the traceability for access to international markets, economic incentives and access to credit were mentioned as the main aspects for sustaining the growth of the forest industry.

AL-INVEST Verde's support to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Paraguay and the Forestry Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Uruguay to promote sustainability in the forestry sector was also highlighted, which has allowed a better knowledge and adaptation of the sector to the aforementioned European regulations.

About AL-INVEST Green

AL-INVEST Verde is a European Union (EU) programme whose main objective is to promote sustainable growth and job creation in Latin America by supporting the transition towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient and more circular economy. Through Component 2, led by FIIAPP in consortium with IILA, the programme provides assistance for strengthening public policy and multi-stakeholder dialogues on sustainable agricultural and value chains, environmental and labour standards, as well as sustainable trade and economic policy and regulatory frameworks.

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