AL-INVEST Verde promotes the development of Argentina's biofertiliser sector

Buenos Aires, 26th July 2023. AL-INVEST Verde, through the Italian Council for Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics (CREA), will provide technical assistance to the National Directorate of Bioeconomy in Argentina to strengthen the production of natural fertilisers and nutrients for agricultural use in the country.

Specifically, this action will support the capacity of the National Bioeconomy Directorate as a reference centre in the country for the certification and promotion of bio-inputs, which will allow it to maintain and promote their export to the European Union.

The action, carried out by the AL-INVEST Verde Component 2was presented in Buenos Aires together with representatives of the Delegation of the European Union. It was attended by authorities from the Argentinean Ministry of Economy and institutions from the agricultural and fertiliser sector in the country.

Field mission

Technical assistance will be provided by Alessandra Trinchera, Maria Antonietta Delicato, Corrado Ciaccia and Dylan Warren Raffa, from CREA in Rome. The latter two held several meetings in Buenos Aires and made field visits to learn first-hand about the production of biofertilisers in Argentina.

The experts gathered information to orient Argentinean institutions towards the promotion of bioinputs line with European Union rules and regulations, such as the Farm to Fork strategyThis will enable it to be exported to the European market.

A second mission by Alessandra Trinchera and Dylan Warren Raffa is scheduled for November, with the aim of establishing a roadmap for the promotion and adaptation of Argentinean biofertilisers to the aforementioned European regulations and to provide specific training to the actors in the sector on the requirements demanded.

About AL-INVEST Verde

AL-INVEST Verde is a programme funded by the European Union (EU). Its main objective is to promote sustainable growth and job creation in Latin America by supporting the transition towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient and more circular economy. Through Component 2, led by FIIAPP in consortium with IILA, the programme provides assistance for strengthening public policy and multi-stakeholder dialogues on sustainable agricultural and value chains, environmental and labour standards, as well as sustainable trade and economic policy and regulatory frameworks.

Asistencia técnica a la Dirección Nacional de Bioeconomía de Argentina