The diagnosis of the forestry sector carried out by Component 2 is presented in Paraguay.

Asunción, 05 May 2023. Experts from AL-INVEST Verde presented to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIC) of Paraguay the preliminary results of the diagnosis of the country's forestry sector. This analysis is part of the technical assistance provided by the Component 2 AL-INVEST Verde lends to the Investment and Export Network (REDIEX) in support of the transition to sustainability of Paraguay's forestry chain.

The objective of this study is to understand the situation of the forestry sector in order to draw up a roadmap that promotes principles and criteria of sustainability at the production and industrial level, to train the actors involved in the forestry value chain on the needs detected and to identify business opportunities for the forestry sector. access to the European market of Paraguay's forest products.

Currently, the UK and Italy are the European countries that import the most timber from the UK. New sustainability regulations adopted by the European Union, such as the Regulation on deforestation-free productsThe AL-INVEST Verde provides support to REDIEX for the knowledge and adaptation of the sector to these regulations.

To this end, following the initial diagnosis of the sector, the following will be carried out two training workshopsThe project will be carried out in Caaguazú and Asunción, where actors in the forestry value chain will be trained in issues related to sustainability and commercialisation of sustainable products. In addition, it will promote the multi-stakeholder dialogue between Paraguayan producers and European importers of wood products to learn about the challenges and opportunities of the sector in the European market.

The experts Mauro Masiero and Elena Massarenti, collaborators of ETIFOR S.r.l. Benefit Company, a spin-off company of the University of Padua (Italy), were in charge of explaining the details of the diagnosis and some recommendations. The meeting was attended by the deputy ministers Gilda Susana Arréllaga Velilla (REDIEX), Pedro Mancuello (Trade), Máximo Barreto (MSMEs), together with A. Luis Elías and Bernardo Mendoza, representing the Minister of Industry and Trade, Luis Alberto Castiglioni, and the Vice-Minister of Industry, respectively, and José Ayala Brun, specialist of the Forestry and Floriculture Platform of REDIEX-MIC. On behalf of AL-INVEST Verde, Andrea Monaco and Lorenzo Nalin attended.

About AL-INVEST Verde

AL-INVEST Verde is a European Union (EU) programme whose main objective is to promote sustainable growth and job creation in Latin America by supporting the transition towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient and more circular economy. Through Component 2, led by FIIAPP in consortium with IILA, the programme provides assistance for strengthening public policy and multi-stakeholder dialogues on sustainable agricultural and value chains, environmental and labour standards, as well as sustainable trade and economic policy and regulatory frameworks. 

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