AL-INVEST Verde looks at the importance of intellectual property in SMEs

26 April 2023. Components 1 and 3 of AL-INVEST Verde organised last 25th April the webinar "Intellectual Property. The aim was to provide knowledge on the basic aspects of intellectual property rights and raise awareness among entrepreneurs and, in particular, SMEs associated with green economy projects.

Intellectual property protection is nowadays crucial for fostering innovation y ensuring competitiveness of companies in an increasingly dynamic global environment. To this end, the webinar addressed various topics related to these aspects.

In a two-hour session, experts analysed the implications of the green innovation and the value of intellectual property. In particular, funding opportunities for innovative projects between Latin America and the European Union were presented, the methodology for submitting innovative partnership projects was explained, as well as steps to safeguard the intellectual property of these projects and considerations for licensing agreements in green innovation partnerships. Finally, examples of innovative partnerships were highlighted.

The webinar was opened by Ingrid Jenezova, representative of the Directorate General for International Partnerships (DG INTPA) at the European Commission, Frank Summa, Director of Component 1 of AL-INVEST Verde, and Mariano Riccheri, Project Leader of Component 3 of AL-INVEST Verde. The keynote speech was given by Karina Haidar Müller, a specialist in intangible asset protection strategies and technology licensing.

About AL-INVEST Verde

AL-INVEST Verde is a European Union (EU) programme whose main objective is to promote sustainable growth and job creation in Latin America by supporting the transition towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient and more circular economy. Through Component 3, AL-INVEST Verde IPR, led by the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the programme seeks to achieve greater use and effectiveness of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Latin America, particularly in the MERCOSUR countries, to boost opportunities for research cooperation and stimulate competitiveness and sustainable innovation.

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