Ica Chamber of Commerce presented the PLANTAS project in the framework of the AL-INVEST Verde programme for the benefit of the agricultural sector.

Ica, 20 March 2023 - With the aim of promoting the development of the agricultural sector in the Ica region, in addition to promoting initiatives that allow the growth of MSMEs, cooperatives, associations of small and medium producers in the region, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Ica presented the PLANTAS project, within the framework of Component 1 of the European Union programme AL-INVEST Verde.

Out of a total of 136 proposals submitted in the first call of the AL-INVEST Verde programme, the PLANTAS project is the only project in Peru led by a regional Chamber of Commerce that has won the award of this programme, focusing its action on agricultural value chains.

Among the outstanding initiatives of the PLANTAS project, for the promotion of traceability systems, sustainability and sustainable agricultural practices, the participation and implementation of green events, the creation of an innovation incubator, farm-to-table strategies, capacity building in green finance, plastics management and strengthening of digital skills in the agricultural sector stand out.

"Through the project, we will promote the associativity of producers, provide technical advice on good agricultural practices and promote certifications in various systems of traceability and sustainability, benefiting more than 1000 producers in the Ica region and other regions of Peru and Bolivia," said Luis Vila, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce of Ica.

The actions will be implemented in a tri-national alliance between Peru, Bolivia and Germany, in partnership between the Chamber of Commerce of Ica, the Chamber of Commerce of La Libertad, the Peruvian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Bolivian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Signing of inter-institutional agreement

The launch was made concrete through the announcement of the signing of an agreement on "Inter-institutional Commitment for the development of the agricultural sector".

Carlos Reyes Roque, Eduardo Ojeda, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Ica, Luis Vila, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce of Ica and Beate Heimberger, International Director of the PLANTAS project of the AL-INVEST Verde Programme.

The municipal authority remarked the importance of this project and said that as representative of the province of Ica, he will join efforts to achieve objectives for the benefit of the valley's farmers.

About the PLANTAS project

PLANTAS (Palanca para la Transición Agrosostenible) is a project that is part of the European Union's AL-INVEST Verde programme. It is the only project in Peru led by regional chambers that focuses its action on agricultural value chains. It has a duration of 30 months and seeks the green and resilient transition of MSMEs, associations, cooperatives, medium and small producers in the agricultural sector in Peru and Bolivia.

About AL-INVEST Verde

AL-INVEST Verde is a European Union programme whose main objective is to promote sustainable growth and job creation in Latin America by supporting the transition towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient and more circular economy. Through Component 1, the programme manages funds for the implementation of innovative projects of small business associations to promote sustainable practices in the private sector. Component 1 is led by sequa, a German non-profit organisation operating worldwide with the aim of promoting the private sector.